The New Normal?

Breaking Sarah - Bruised, Not Broken


I am sad lately, sad at where this world is heading and with this new “normal” we are seeing in basic humanity – murder based on race and revenge, acceptance of  discriminatory views in our politicians, the intentional harm perpetrated on friends and family for selfish gain. What is happening?  Why are we okay with destroying ourselves and the world we live in?

When I look at the last 7 years of my life, beginning with family drama and tragedy, and ending with the current state of our world, I see so much change for the worse that I am afraid for the future, and not just the distant future, but even next month, or next week, or tomorrow. I want to see everything on the news as distant and far removed from me and my tiny life, but the truth is that it is in my life and has…

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Be Careful Pushing A Loved One Away

Breaking Sarah - Bruised, Not Broken


Be careful when you keep pushing a loved one away – you never know when they might stop caring that you stopped caring!

Anyone who has followed my blog knows of the estrangement between me and my 25-year-old son. It’s a long story that I won’t go into here but it started when he was 19 and under major influence of others, and he pushed me away for no valid reason. There was no abuse, no negligence, nothing like that – just the lies of others who wished to harm me. Those first few years were excruciating, devastating. I kept thinking through everything over and over again trying to figure out what had happened. There was nothing I could come up with, nothing beyond typical parent/teenager issues.

For years, he was silent – complete estrangement – even though I kept trying to reach out to him. And then he started…

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