They’ve moved

This is just a quick update on the latest happening in this painful saga of estrangement.

I had a strong feeling the other night that I should drive by my kids’ apartment (my two daughters live together).  This is something I never do because I’m trying to respect their boundaries.  To my surprise, the apartment was empty! They’ve moved and left no forwarding address.  The only reason I know they’ve moved is because I drove by.  Otherwise I would’ve still thought they lived there.  Honestly, they might have moved months ago and I wouldn’t have known.

I don’t even know what city they live in now.  I’d been trying to hold out hope for an eventual reconciliation, but now I feel they’ve slammed that door in my face.

I am beyond brokenhearted.


5 thoughts on “They’ve moved

    • Just an update of what’s going on. A new thing to heal from, I guess. I feel honesty and openness are a part of healing, so yes. I’ve been working through this latest development but too sad to write anything further. Yet.


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