Recent Photos Reflecting My Mood

I realized this week that the photos I’ve been taking lately have a different mood than the ones I normally take.  Moodier.  Darker.  Sad.  I suppose even my eyes have been effected by this estrangement and see the world differently now.


The local duck pond at sunset.

IMG_2249 (3)


IMG_2248 (3)

Seattle skyline.

IMG_2250 (4)

More clouds.

IMG_2257 (4)

Empty tree.

IMG_1828 (3)

Window and dead vines.

IMG_1810 (2)

Reflected lamp post.

IMG_1744 (2)

Whitney Art Building at UW Tacoma.



IMG_1755 (3)

Three windows.

IMG_1763 (3)

A single light.


The pavement after a light rain.


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