Stepping Back From Suicide’s Edge



The attached blog post is from BreakingSarah. I can relate so well to her touching and powerful words.  I’m still early in this estrangement journey, but as Sarah mentions in her post, I’ve started making choices the past couple of weeks to build up me.

For example, I’ve gotten myself a membership to the local gym so I’m working out several times a week now. I’m eating a healthier diet. I’m taking time to play with some hobbies I’d let slide. I’m even going to get a new haircut.

Nothing hugely profound or life changing, but even small simple steps can be huge steps away from that life-threatening edge I’ve been walking along over the past six months.

Click the link below to read Sarah’s entire poem and post:

“I’m dying inside but no one knows, barely a soul is aware. The pain – each tear, my overwhelming fear, not a person I love even cares.   With every cry gone unheard, I bury …

Source: Stepping Back From Suicides’ Edge


2 thoughts on “Stepping Back From Suicide’s Edge

  1. It’s funny. I have all these – a lot of hobbies, I work out regularly (gym and swordfighting) and I’m still going to kill myself. It’s no longer an unbearable pain. It’s just a tiredness of existence and suicide isn’t as scary as it is exciting.

    Still, I hope these work for you. It won’t work in an instant. You build a good life brick by brick. Patience is a virtue and try to focus only on making the best of your current day. Sometimes looking to the future isn’t good.


    • Thank you for commenting. I hope these things work for me, as well. I definitely understand what you mean about “tiredness of existence.” I’ve felt that almost everyday. I hope you find an answer to your own tiredness other than suicide. It can be a daily battle. I know firsthand. (((hugs)))


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